2009 SC Pannell Grenache

imageCertain unfortunate events led to a decision to liquidate my off-site cellarage in Melbourne late last year. My only bottles of this wine were lost in the process. We’ve moved onto the 2011 now but I spotted a single 2009 at my local Dan Murphy’s recently and snapped it up. After tasting a bracket of wines that just didn’t do much for me I opened this (at least five years too early) in way of compensation. Thought I’d post a note in case readers have any in the cellar…and also because I love it.

A silky entry. Concentrated raspberry and dark cherries are met by turned earth, sanguine notes, orange rind, mint and almonds. Acid is bang on and sandy grip ties proceedings up in the most satisfyingly neat manner. An aftertaste of garrigue and gin botanicals; particularly refreshing. Still an extremely structured wine and a ways off showing its best. Those puckering tannins will resolve further, even greater complexity will develop and the fruit shouldn’t fade while that happens. 95+

Region: McLaren Vale
Alcohol: 14.5%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $60
Tasted: March 2014

http://www.pannell.com.au .

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5 Responses to 2009 SC Pannell Grenache

  1. knoxinus says:

    Such a suberrrp grenny this pannell. Remember offering my Mum a sniff and, not being much of a connosieur herself, said it was the best smelling red wine she had ever smelt. Fruit, structure, acidity, texture this has it all with the ability to go long on cellaring.

  2. Colin r says:

    Won a small met when Hawthorn beat Essendon ( bless you Cyril Rioli), shouted myself a couple of bottles of the 2010 S.C. Pannell Grenache.
    Being the first time I have sampled Grenache I thought I would follow your advice Jeremy.
    Lovely gentle mouth texture in keeping with this wine.
    An exceptionally balanced drop with aromas leaping from the glass I could’ve “sniffed” (a highlight) all day long. An almost old fashioned corner lolly/candy shop nose with a splash of cinnamon and oak. The alcohol at 14.5% is very well handled! with the length going on and on.
    While it’s a lovely drop I would struggle to justify spending $55 . To my palate there isn’t enough happening to justify the price.

    Thanks as always

    • Thanks Colin. I can understand what you mean and straight varietal Grenache isn’t for everyone. While I did see more complexity in the 2010 when I tasted it over a year ago it wasn’t giving much away. These SC Pannell’s really need time to evolve in my opinion. Which isn’t to say you’d change your mind on the value if you tasted the wine in another five to ten years. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to wine and I believe they should be celebrated. Words and scores can only convey so much and you’re always the best judge of what you should be drinking.


  3. Paul Hopkins says:


    How did you liquidate your cellar – did you go through an auction house? I would like to liquidate some wine but the auction process seems a pain – especially when you have to ship them from Brisbane.



  4. Paul – my apologies but unfortunately I’m of little help. A situation arose whereby my shared offsite cellaring situation in Melbourne became untenable. I made an offer to the other person that I felt was more than fair and they bought me out. Outside of these particular circumstances I’m unsure of the best manner in which to proceed. I hope you find a viable and commensurate way to move forward under your circumstances.

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