2010 Blue Poles Allouran

blue poles allouranAustralia’s best Merlot Cabernet Franc blend has never looked better. It’s 70%/30% for those interested in the numbers. If you aren’t already all over this wine then you should be.

More elegant and vibrant than previous releases; although it’s never been a clumsy, plodding wine. It smells and tastes of brown grass and plums with a subtle seam of red cherry woven through the palate. Hints of olive and leaf. Restrained spice. The whole package is framed by some of the best chocolate cedar oak you’ll find yet it never overwhelms the fruit. Depth and clarity with tightly knit tannin on an extensive and ever so slightly nutty finish. I’m tasting it in my boxers and a singlet and I still feel sophisticated. 95

Region: Margaret River
Alcohol: 13.2%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $28
Tasted: February 2014


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13 Responses to 2010 Blue Poles Allouran

  1. Paul Hopkins says:

    Geez between these guys and the Hoddles’ crew it is getting hard to (a) stop spending money and (b) have an excuse for not drinking great wine. They are not alone of course. Some great value out there. Thanks for getting in early on this one!

  2. It’s a fortunate situation to find ourselves in Paul. I’ve had to put my wine purchases on hold for a month. I think I’ve broken my budget for every one of the last six months…and I can’t put all of that down to the wines’ being expensive :)

    • Steve B says:

      I would like to stop buying wine ; but so many things to experience and prices have never been so good!

  3. Colin Rose says:


    A review that makes me want to sample a bottle………..if only I could. The old chestnut surfaces again……….all the retail outlets ( grand total of 3 on their www) in melbourne have the same reply…….”yeah we use to stock it but not anymore”.
    Guess I’ll have to leave the boxers and singlet in the walk in robe for now ?

  4. Colin – I can only presume that Australian Merlot/Merlot blends are difficult to sell at a retail level right now. It’s certainly fashionable to bag Australian Merlot. In fact I’d go so far as to say it’s a national pastime amongst industry figures and a lot of the public. And as a country, we’ve planted it in the wrong places and made a lot of shite wines from the grape. While I don’t blame the retailers in any way whatsoever it does seem a real shame in this case.

  5. Julian says:

    Luckily for you Colin the winery offers three packs to those who don’t want to fork out for a case. There pretty accommodating so you might be able to get three different wines, like their awesome viognier.

  6. john pearce says:

    Cloudwine stocks the 2007 – they might get the 2010 in for you.

  7. Mark Gifford says:

    Thanks for the note JP – really appreciate the comments about the wine, and the mental image of you in your shorts and singlet ;-). And super Huzzah!! for a 95 – our first one which makes it very satisfying :)

    The 2010 Allouran will be released in a few weeks – just waiting on a couple of further reviews for promotion planks, as well as to ensure our mailing list gets first dibs on the wine at the better price so as to reward them for their patience and stoicism!! As Julian says we do have 3 packs for those undecided and they also provide you with our museum wines which are in very short supply.

    So if you’d like to get a look at the wines drop us an email and join the mailing list. And oh yes, support Cloudwine as well, they have been great supporters of Blue Poles (unlike the Brisbane stores that just don’t seem to be able to make themselves get a case or two of our wines – life’s little mystery :) ).


  8. For those (unlike Mark) who’ve only seen my headshot, here’s an accurate representation of that mental image


  9. To be honest I’d need to spend a lot more time in the gym to get those shoulders Geoff :)

  10. Rod Pinna says:

    Just had the first go at this. It was very nice. Regretting having split the case…

  11. Know the feeling. Should age very gracefully too.

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