2013 Henschke Julius Eden Valley Riesling

henschke julius rizzzaThis is actually my favourite wine in the entire Henschke portfolio. A lot cheaper than the Hill of Grace as well. Quietly insistent flavour, fine acidity and extensive length. The simple things.

Kaffir lime, grapefruit, spice, aniseed and green apple skins. Water on slate. A sense of purity and serenity. Just a little pith on the finish but no bitterness. It’s a wine I’d like to waffle on about but I just don’t see the point. I expect, much like the 2012, that it will live an eternity. 94+

Region: Eden Valley
Alcohol: 11.5%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $32.50
Tasted: January 2014


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7 Responses to 2013 Henschke Julius Eden Valley Riesling

  1. Michael Charles says:

    Firmly agree with all that. I’ve cellared all Julius from 2008 onwards. It’s remarkably consistent in quality. 2007 was okay too from memory.


  2. I only started laying them down last year. Probably a mistake on my part. Fast becoming one of my favourite Australian Rieslings.

  3. Matt Broomhead says:

    This or the Pikes Merle for my top Aussie Riesling of 2013. Review spot on.

  4. Love The Merle. Have a couple of the KT’s in the mix along with Jim Barry’s The Lodge Hill and the Clonakilla (which I must publish a note on soon).

  5. GP says:

    I haven’t tried enough 2013s yet… but the Drumborg will take some beating… certainly better than the very good JB Lodge Hill.


  6. I’m yet to taste the 2013 Drumborg. I’ll try to get in touch with someone at Treasury this week. Keen to give it a whirl.

  7. Michael Charles says:

    KT Churinga probably my favourite 2013 so far. Combines power and pretty. Has a point of difference.

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