2011 Kellermeister The Funk Wagon GSM

kellermeister funk wagon gsmThis won the award for the best Barossa SGM at the IWC (International Wine Competition) Acronyms – they’re everywhere. I have a theory about how they taste the wines at the IWC. When I attend tastings in Australia there is usually ample water and some neutral crackers and/or bread to cleanse and recalibrate the palate. At the IWC I suspect they use Coca-Cola and donuts.

There is a touch of funk in the wagon – swampy funk. The overlay is confected raspberries and pepper with Ribena chiming in. Cue mental image; a gangly kid drinking a glass of Kool-Aid and chewing on redskins after playing in the local creek on a wet day. The acidity pokes out and there’s not much length. 86

Region: Barossa Valley
Alcohol: 14.5%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $25
Tasted: August 2013


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2 Responses to 2011 Kellermeister The Funk Wagon GSM

  1. “At the IWC I suspect they use Coca-Cola and donuts.” – ha ha.

    Who judges at these things? Barossa best SGM!?

    Imagine if someone bought this in another market expecting to taste Barossa’s best SGM – damaging to Aus wine industry surely. Who judges at these things?!

  2. Totally agree Rich. Not the best representation of Australian wine to have out there. I did a little research into the IWC before I left for the Yarra but I’m intrigued enough to be more thorough next week when I’m back in Brisbane.

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