2010 Moppity Vineyards Estate Riesling

Hilltops 11.0% Screwcap $22.99 Source: Sample

I’ve absolutely no issue with the quality of this wine and in one sense I think it is worth every cent of $23. I guess the problem lies in the number of Rieslings out there of similar worth but possessing greater pedigree. This may be magnified by the fact that every other Moppity wine I’ve tried has far exceeded the price tag attached to it.

It’s more tightly coiled than the 2010 Lock & Key and has greater intensity, minerality and length. There’s some chalkiness and some bath salts, but that wet slate is still the dominant character. It really makes the wine. There’s focused citrus fruit underneath and it will build with time, along with honey and toast.

This is one for the cellar and I suspect it will develop very nicely. Maybe pedigree isn’t everything? Ultimately, I guess the consumer will have to decide for now.

Winery Website- http://www.moppity.com.au/

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