2006 Lethbridge Shiraz

Geelong Vic 14.5% Diam $35- Tasted 4/8/09

Seems I’m in Bowie mood this morning, but this wine had me singing “Rebel Rebel” from the first smell and taste. It’s a spicy little minx, with juicy black fruit, pepper, leather, earth and a swirl of sweet cherry. Bootsy Collins is adding some plum notes on the bass and it’s P-funked up with fungal characters and what I deeply suspect may be a touch of brett.

I’m sensitive to brett, but I don’t see it as always being a fault. In balance, it can enhance a wine and it does so here, combining with the earth and fungal notes. The fruit flavours are so pure and the acid is so juicy and clean, it’s nice to have something a bit less spotless in the wine’s make-up. It’s a polite and pretty girl dressed up in a torn skirt & fish net stockings out looking for action. I love her filthy heart as much as her innocent beauty. And she loves you long time, with a persistant finish incorporating fine knit tannins.

The sauvage nose is a little fresher in the mouth. It’s all a bit like a 3/4 cleaned stable, no problems that there is a little shit left around the edges, just adds authenticity.

It’s intelligent, playful, fun and passionate. It’s fucking top notch. If there is some brett and it’s only in this bottle, I will miss it next time I crack one. Clearly, I was never born to be a show judge.

“They put you down
They say I’m wrong
You tacky thing, you put them on””

94 (extra point for giving me such a good time)
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2 Responses to 2006 Lethbridge Shiraz

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey jeremy,

    Glad to see this post! I know what you mean about low level brett providing interest. I kinda see it as the same sort of interest that you can get from stalk inclusion. But it has to be at very low levels for me to say its a good thing. Also, does it become more prominent with time?
    Just recently I opened a bottle of 2007 Pyrette Heathcote Shiraz and found its flavour profile a bit strange. I've had this wine about 7 or 8 months ago and it was superb. As the wine's sealed with a diam cork i though its probably not corked so at a guess I attributed the 'unpleasant weirdness' to brett. Im happy to say that this is only a guess; I dont know enough about all the things that can go wrong with a wine to say anything definitively but… Ah well, Im rambling now. Glad that the Lethbridge Shiraz was good, I had a bottle of the 05 Indra shiraz from them recently which was one of the most enjoyable bottles I've had all year. Spose i better get back to work :)


  2. Jeremy Pringle says:

    Hey Dave

    My understanding was that brett was likely to become more prominent with time, but my understanding is very limited.

    Interesting to hear about the 2007 Pyrette Heathcote Shiraz. I've had very good experiences with diam so far, but the most age on any bottle I've consumed has been around 5 years. I think I've read it's a pretty safe bet for at least 10 years. Once again, I'm unsure & rambling myslef ;) I'll look into it when I have some time and post an edit.

    Really want to try the Indra now! Both lower tier chardonnay and shiraz have made me want to experience more and visit them when I can.

    Good luck with work, it's a bitch :)


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