2013 Tscharke Bed Hair Graciano

imageGraciano’s potential in the Barossa is difficult to ignore. Much of that has to do with the grape’s natural ability to retain acid. Of course it has produce attractive flavours and aromas as well.

This comes across as rather liqueurous on the nose and palate. Chocolate covered raspberries, almonds and plums. It’s dense and velvety with a spiced orange peel character contributing to the impression of Xmas cake, although it’s more bitter in aftertaste. Not as much acidity as I’ve witnessed in other expressions from Australia but what’s there animates the wine very well. 89

Region: Barossa Valley
Alcohol: 14.5%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $25
Tasted: June 2014


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4 Responses to 2013 Tscharke Bed Hair Graciano

  1. Why do they have to give a wine a ‘name’. Bed Hair ffs…

  2. Doesn’t do anything for me personally…and I used up all my sexual innuendo in a previous Tscharke note. But then again, marketing isn’t my strength.

  3. Yes. Not sure. Maybe it works.

    More importantly, as you note, cool to see these grapes being used. Will be interesting to see, or to imagine, what the best grape for the Barossa will end up being in 50+ years…

    When ever I talk to people about European wines I start by saying they’ve had a couple of thousand years of agriculture to work our what grows best where. I wonder what we will work out is best for the Aus regions with the thousands of Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, etc, grapes yet to be planted or trialled..

  4. knoxinus says:

    Some graciano plantings floating around Swan Valley and Perth Hills area that are decently mature. Reckon Perth Hills could be a good home for it in WA.

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