2013 The Story Westgate Vineyard Blanc Marsanne Roussanne Viognier

image A field blend by any definition with all the fruit picked, pressed and fermented together. Roughly the same assemblage as last year; 60%/20%/20% respectively. “I’ve pushed the style outwards in 13, in part a natural consequence of the warm, early vintage, and in part because I’m trying to ‘let go’ a little more and allow the wines to evolve their own way. I’m also going looking for mouthfeel. I reckon it’s a huge component of wine enjoyment.” Hear, hear.

And this is a mouthful of a wine. Full-bodied with creaminess seamlessly moving into wax. The lowest acid of any release from winemaker Rory Lane which serves to highlight texture – in particular the grunt of phenolics which pull the wine together. “I waited a little longer to pick in 2013, and copped the low acid that came with the attendant warm nights. Red wine numbers.” Slow malolactic fermentation lowered the acidity even further. The resultant wine calls out for richer food. Xinjiang lamb skewers worked out very well. An amalgam of flavours and scents, among them honeysuckle, mango Weiss bars, green tea, nuts and baked pears. Subtle earthy cumin and ginger. Brave winemaking reaps rewards. 92

Region: Grampians
Alcohol: 13.0%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $28
Tasted: May 2014


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