2013 Yealands Estate Land Made Series Sauvignon Blanc

imageNot a poor expression of the Marlborough style but unlikely to make any new converts.

Very pungent grassy, herbaceous nose. A slightly odd mix of sour lemons, snapped peas and passionfruit/tropical flavours. Straight up and down otherwise. Crisp and clean. 87

Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
Alcohol: 13.0%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $19.99
Tasted: April 2014


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23 Responses to 2013 Yealands Estate Land Made Series Sauvignon Blanc

  1. Andrew Dressler says:

    I work for a direct to the public wine distributor and I have sold more of this wine than any other. It has won a trophy at the biggest new zealand wine show and a gold medal. It also took home two golds from the marlborough wine show and the international aromatic wine competition. How wrong you are jeremy pringle.

  2. Wow, it won a medal and a trophy and some people bought it? Gosh darn, it must be way awesome then Andrew!

  3. GW says:

    We did this blind in a raft of wines from Marlborough, in Marlborough under show conditions.

    Scored 87 points from Mike Bennie, which is a low bronze medal.


  4. Andrew Dressler says:

    Far be it from me to argue with a couple of self appointed wine masters. I guess a trophy at the biggest wine show in NZ counts for nothing. I hope you live on the east cost of Australia Jeremy Pringle because Yealands have entered into a partnership for full distribution across the board in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane restaurants. And to you Mr GW I say this: the wine in question was awarded a gold medal at THE Marlborough wine show under REAL show conditions by REAL wine masters and judges not by a pack of amateurs on your back porch. This wine sells so well its putting an extension on my house. Good day to you sirs.

  5. Yes, a trophy at “biggest wine show in NZ” really doesn’t count for anything. In this case it would seem to make the judges look extremely silly Andrew. Enjoy that extension on the house, I’ll go back to whittlin’ on my back porch on the east coast of Australia :)

  6. Andrew Dressler says:

    Why don’t you whittle yourself a wine glass Jeremy and try it again. Then you can write Peter Yealands an apology. It warms my heart to know you’re on the east coast because wherever you go Yealands will be staring you in the face. Anyway I respect that wine drinking is subjective and people have there own individual opinion. I also understand that those opinions (in this case) are stupid. Happy drinking Mr. Pringle.

  7. You’re an angry man Andrew ;)

  8. GW says:

    Ha ha. What an idiot. You should get out more…and if you think what people drink and like to drink = good wine, then McDonalds is also GREAT FOOD.

    Anyway, as judged by someone with vast show experience Mike Bennie (Chair of Canberra Show, Sydney, Melbourne etc etc) with tasting organised by the Marlborough Wine Association via WineNZ, by two professional wine writers. And as it happens the Marly show was being judged at the same time as we were there…they miss wines, they make mistakes. They all do. Also, they don’t mind excess herbal characters when judging in NZ…

  9. GW says:

    And it’s not even a poor review! 87 on the MB scale is slipping in for bronze medal = solid regional and varietal wine…goodness me. However, it is great that people get so fired up and passionate about affordable Marly SB..

  10. Yes, probably comes down to around the $15 mark at retail. My words and a score of 87 mean go for it if it’s your thing. But the passion is exciting.

  11. Andrew Dressler says:

    I’m not angry. This is all in good fun… or it was till Mr GW called me an idiot. By your own statement “…they miss wines, they make mistakes. They all do..” this could be applied to you. Rather than three prestigious wine shows being “mistaken” which is quite a claim you make. Isn’t it more likely that you the less experienced, self appointed officiando are the one that is mistaken? Perhaps it all boils down to you have a poorly developed pallet. Comparing wine drinking to eating at McDonalds is like comparing you to someone with brains. They are two completely different things. What does your, for want of a better word here, “wine show” being held in Marlborough at the same time as the the REAL competition have to do with anything? Are you trying to leech credibility by likening your, again I’m left wanting, “wine show” to something with actual substance and authority on the matter? Anyway enough of this. Have a nice day gentleman.

  12. GW says:

    I’ve not tried it anyway, so can only venture an option, but I’d fall off my bloody chair if this is a 95-96 point trophy wine…

  13. GW says:

    Ha ha. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him enjoy the view. I hope your palate improves by the pallet load, some time soon. That and your ability to grasp simple concepts.

  14. Andrew Dressler says:

    “We did this blind in a raft of wines from Marlborough, in Marlborough under show conditions.” The operative word there being we. You made out that you had tried it but in reality you’re just a school boy copying somebody else’s work. My god man you haven’t even tried it and you’re arguing the point based on what someone else said. This leaves you with no integrity whatsoever. You have the gall to name me idiot when you argue for the sake of arguing on a subject which you have at best second hand knowledge. This ends our correspondence.

  15. GW says:

    Based on what my tasting colleague reported. He did Sauvignon Blancs. I was doing other wines, then checking his top wines at the end, as he did mine. Reporting HIS score. #idiot.

  16. Aaron says:

    Bwahaha. Funniest blog conversation I’ve read in a while. I think I’ll have to but a bottle just to try it now.

  17. GW says:

    Was thinking the same thing. I’ll seek one out. Can’t have the old Dressler’s home extension programme running behind schedule!

  18. Tim R says:

    Why does Ten Minutes By Tractor come to mind?

    Best. Thread. Ever.

  19. Tom Belford says:

    Wow, awesome, it’s a parody of a comments thread. But at least it’s all in good fun. I’m so disappointed that the correspondence has ended.

  20. MikeBennie says:

    Haha. This is so good.

  21. knoxinus says:

    Hehehehehe. On the day the CoA is released and am forcing myself to read the utter drivel they have written this has made me laugh for the first time today. Can we get this Dressler guy as a guest reviewer of wines? I like how these type of people like to criticise low scores on these type of wines but don’t venture forward a tasting note of their own. Cowardice? or perhaps they don’t know enough to write a comprehensive tasting note. Tasted the wine in question as well and I would add that 87 is possibly even too generous. Commercial swill IMO :)

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