2013 Three Dark Horses Rosé

three dark horses roseVery solid Grenache based Rosé from McLaren Vale. Vivid red aromas à la  Dario Argento’s horror masterpiece “Suspiria” – primary colour filters.

It’s not terribly complex in terms of texture but very light phenolics play foil to abundant and flavoursome fruit flavours. A dash of spice to keep you interested. Some boiled lolly sweetness but clean, dry and crisp at the end. Fleet of foot given its weight. Deserves an audience. 89

Region: McLaren Vale
Alcohol: 13.0%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $19.99
Tasted: December 2013


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4 Responses to 2013 Three Dark Horses Rosé

  1. Nick Greer says:

    Hi Jeremy, I picked up a bottle of this at my local in Adelaide for $14.99 and thought it was really super..! All too often I’m underwhelmed by Aussie rose’s, but this is my pick of the year. Nice and light on it’s feet but not dilute. So good on a hot day! 91 from me FWIW! :) I’m starting to really like what this small label is starting to do…

    • Matt Broomhead says:

      Hi Nick- thanks for your kind comments on the wine, really glad you enjoyed it. Jeremy’s right, there’s some really top Aussie roses out on the market at the mo. Some of which have been reviewed on this site. Well worth exploring now we finally have a summer here in SA :)

      And Jeremy- “Suspiria”?? Sounds like I’ve got some watching to do. Particularly happy to read that the soundtrack was done by Italian progressive rock band “Goblin”… I’ve learnt a few things today. Thanks ;)

  2. Hi Nick. At $14.99 this is a compelling prospect. It’s really important to stress that the ‘in vogue’ pale, faint ‘Provence’ style of Rosé isn’t the only valid or enjoyable style. That was a marketing campaign – and I think it it targeted overly sweet, clumsy and haphazard styles of Rosé that were once par for the course. These days there are a variety of expressions to suit moods, food and individual palates. I would not be surprised if others also rated this a point or two higher than I did. It’s a worthy wine.

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