2010 Fletcher Malakoff Estate Vineyard Pyrenees Nebbiolo

005Dave Fletcher makes Nebbiolo based wines from the Adelaide Hills, Piemonte and the Pyrenees. He’s also about to release a sparkling Nebbiolo from the King Valley and another version blended from a number of different regions in Victoria in 2011. I guess it’s fair to say he’s a fan of the variety.

This is simply gorgeous gear. Has that pale Nebbiolo colour with a touch of ochre at the rims. A complex nose that doesn’t concentrate on fruits. This smells of sage, cured tobacco, fennel seeds, coffee beans and roots pulled fresh from black soils. Wilted rose petals, mint and tar as well. Sour cherry and blackberry are more present on the lightly framed palate with nary a trace of oak making any waves. Tannin is discreet for the variety but it’s threaded intricately throughout the line. An expansive finish to a very exciting wine. 94+ Excellent 

Region: Pyrenees
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: Diam
Price: $50
Tasted: April 2013


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8 Responses to 2010 Fletcher Malakoff Estate Vineyard Pyrenees Nebbiolo

  1. Thanks for reviewing this. I’ve almost purchased it a few times now. Would love to try his Piedmonte nebbs as well.

  2. Me too. Very impressed with this wine. Will cellar some.

  3. Robert M says:

    Are there any stockists of this wine in Brisbane?

  4. Yes, thank you Keira. Much appreciated. I’m laid low with a chest infection at the moment and have spent my day drinking water, sleeping and trying to recover for a trip to the Yarra Valley next week.

  5. GW says:

    Yes. I liked this better than the Adelaide Hills wine. It’s VERY good. Try his 2009 Barbaresco. I bought 6.

  6. I’ll try to track it down online. Worth the effort after tasting/drinking this.

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