2011 Domaine de Belle Vue de Muscadet ‘Gabbro’ Sèvre et Maine

I like a good Muscadet when the weather turns warm. They can often taste as if they’re made from pulverised rocks as opposed to crushed Melon de Bourgogne grapes – which are apparently very neutral in flavour anyway.

This is not a fruity wine, that’s for sure. There’s some citrus lurking hereabouts, lime and grapefruit, some green apple too but you have to go looking for it. What is more obvious is a stoney minerality with sea shells, smoke and an ozone type character that is as refreshing as the brittle acidity. White flowers sneak in too. It isn’t so much that it lacks complexity; it’s just overwhelmingly subtle and prefers suggestions over statements. And yes, I had it with oysters. Sometime clichés exist for a reason. 90 Good

Region: Loire Valley, France
Alcohol: 12%
Closure: Cork
Price: $24
Tasted: September 2012

Importer: http://www.andrewguard.com.au

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