2012 Wirra Wirra Scrubby Rise Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Viognier

“If you want, want my love
Take it baby
If you want, want my heart
Take it baby
You can have it all.” - Yo La Tengo

I’ve always been fond of this snappy little white blend from Wirra Wirra. 56% Sauvignon Blanc, 33% Semillon and 11% Viognier. Keeps the punters happy and puts a smile on my face. Sometimes you can have it all.

The Savy is the first thing to hit you aromatically. A brisk slap of slightly under-ripe passionfruit, grass and herbs. The palate is where it really comes through though. Those tropical notes are echoed, with pine lime stretching its legs on the Semillon dominant finish. Viognier adds some palate weight, spice and mouth-filling pleasure in the form of peach and apricots, lifting this above the heights of another sprightly white quaffer. As I like to say, a little Viognier goes a long way. 89 Good

Region: Adelaide
Alcohol: 12.5%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $16.50
Tasted: September 2012


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