2010 Giaconda Nantua Les Deux

The Great Australian White – Chardonnay Roussanne. I believe head winemaker Rick Kinzbrunner stumbled on the blend by accident after topping up a Chardonnay barrel with Roussanne by accident. What a happy mistake?!

This is very much in the Giaconda mode with loads of flavour and complexity. There’s plenty of peachy goodness, some of it even yellow fleshed.  Grapefruit is threaded throughout and, along with a steely, mineral spine it holds the wine together with aplomb. There’s 30% (smokey) new oak and it goes through malolactic fermentation so there’s plenty of texture. Some honey amongst the mealy notes too. Finishes long with roasted hazelnuts and spice. Excellent – Exceptional

Region: Beechworth
Alcohol: 13.5%
Clsoure: Screwcap
Price: $44
Tasted: March 2012


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