2009 Teusner The Playground Durif

Barossa 14.5% Screwcap $28

Well, it pours a deep black purple but it’s not as dense or heavy as its famous Rutherglen counterparts. Blackcurrants entwined with dark cherry, plum and blueberry. Iron, vanilla, iodine and baking spice flesh out the picture. I’m not sure the chimps at Teusner would like me saying this, but its smells a lot prettier than I’d imagined it would (and probably a lot prettier than the chimps themselves).

Good intensity without being at all overbearing. Vanilla caramel tannins are all you’d hope for in a Durif. There’s an unexpected but prominent Play-Doh™ character that reduces the wine’s impact, although I’m unsure if it actually detracts from its worth. It’s more a curious and novel feature. Finishes in a ferruginous and slightly furry manner. Decent length.

Conclusion: Monkeys did indeed make this wine and whilst it needs some perfecting, the simians are onto something. Monitor them and their activities closely. They are not to be trusted. 80 cases made, cellar door/internet order only. Good – Very Good

Winery website- http://www.teusner.com.au/

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One Response to 2009 Teusner The Playground Durif

  1. Stu says:

    I found myself just wanting a little more tannin in this, whether that’s a stylistic prference or a familiarity with Rutherglen offerings I don’t know.

    Great to have you back, keenly eyeing the new design, and eagerly awaiting what the next main course is.


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