2009 Domaine Saint Andrieu Rosé

Provence, France 13% Cork $25 Source: Retail

I grabbed this on the back of a recommendation from Michael Nolan, manager of Wine Experience, Rosalie. I’ll be reviewing a few of his exclusive clean skins in the coming weeks (real cleanskins, not $2.99 supermarket rubbish) but seeing as we are indulging in The Rosé Revolution this month, I’ll pop a note up. Lovely drink it is too. Grenache 45% Syrah 20% Cinsault 35%.

Beautifully pale pink in what was the Old World style (a few Australian producers are heading down this path now). Peaches, strawberries and tangerines over mandarins with a dollop of cream and some florals. The texture is key here; soft & gentle yet crisp. It’s slightly sweet and slightly tart, perfectly balanced and moreish. Excellent persistence too. Finishes on crisp citrus and pink apple notes.

Classy stuff and attractively priced, I’ll be buying a few more bottles to consume over the course of this summer.

Winery website- http://www.domaine-saint-andrieu.com/

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