2013 Jim Barry The Florita Riesling

imageIs it just me or has the Jim Barry Lodge Hill Riesling stolen the Florita’s thunder of late? No matter, both have a place at my table. And the more approachable Watervale version probably outsells them both.

I reckon this has been released at about the right time. The acidity feels settled if tangy (and there’s been no added acidity for a number of years now). A pretty bouquet; orange blossom and jasmine florals. Lemons over limes with a suggestion of melon rind, a touch of oyster shell and tingling spice to wrap things up. The neutral mineral length and form is impressive as is the sheer conviction through the back-palate. It plays with a straighter bat than the 2013 Lodge Hill. 94+

Region: Clare Valley
Alcohol: 12.3%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $40
Tasted: April 2014


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2 Responses to 2013 Jim Barry The Florita Riesling

  1. Luke Steele says:

    Hi Jeremy

    Nice write up, that wine looked bloody smart when I bottled it. Haven’t seen it since departure though! Good to see it’s hitting its straps.

    Always thought during my time making the Wines at JBW that the Lodge Hill was always the wine to drink better as a young wine than the Florita.


    Luke Steele

  2. Thanks Luke. I’ve always thought of The Florita as a Riesling for the cellar and a tasting of back-vintages last year reinforced that idea. The Lodge Hill does seem to have more immediate appeal. The 2013 is the first vintage of the LH that I’ve cellared though, so I’m intrigued to see how it ages. I’ve never tried it further out than a year from release.

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