2012 Crittenden Peninsula Chardonnay

imageFlavoursome Mornington Peninsula Chardonnay from Rollo Crittenden. Holds its shape well via buoyant acidity.

Oatmeal, white peach and lemon curd are the main players. A luscious peak of figs drizzled with honey. Possesses a leesy nuttiness. Well pitched toasty oak. Woodspice and a hint of sea spray through the finish. Comforting and well executed. 92

Region: Mornington Peninsula
Alcohol: 13.0%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $34
Tasted: March 2014


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2 Responses to 2012 Crittenden Peninsula Chardonnay

  1. LozzaC says:

    Seriously that Crittenden estate name business is the biggest load of hokum.
    Do they seriously assert someone who has paid $5 for a cleanskin at Dan’s will confuse that with a Peninsula single vineyard wine!!!
    Free publicity from a compliant wine press.

  2. I couldn’t disagree more LozzaC. I made my point of view known before anyone at Crittenden raised the issue with me:


    I wouldn’t consider others who spoke out to be part of a “compliant wine press” either. I buy wine from Dan Murphy’s on occasions and will continue to do so. If anything, a “compliant wine press” may even be loathe to criticise such a powerful retailer.

    The Crittenden’s reported that they had received communications from consumers who had purchased the now defunct Woolworth’s label, mistakenly believing it to be a Crittenden Estate wine. I have no reason to doubt them.

    Finally, I believe you’re a little mixed up about what constitutes a cleanskin. The wine in question had a name and label which were part of its marketing. It wasn’t a cleanskin.

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