2013 Spring Vale Gewürztraminer

Quality bottle photography by CSP Creative // www.cspcreative.com.auLate last year I spoke to Stephen Pannell about the etiology of his 2013 Aromatico Gewürztraminer Riesling. Among other ideas he mentioned his belief that Gewürztraminer often fell into a bracket of wines that you were impressed by but didn’t want to drink much of in any one sitting – thus the blend. I understood exactly what he was getting at. This Spring Vale Gewürztraminer is completely varietal and should please anyone who loves the grape but it has an extra dimension of sheer slurpability that I personally admire. It’s still textural and slippery but acid cut, a less burly physique and a phenolic massage on the back-palate all play a part in imparting a level of refreshment that allows you to pour another glass.

Scents of orange blossom, leatherwood honey, rose-water, apricot and nectarine. Slightly musky with warm pepper, ginger and cinnamon seasoning. Penetration, shape and length without any corresponding loss of layered complexity. Not much more than medium-bodied and presents as dry. Finesse and flair. 94

Region: Tasmania
Alcohol 13.6%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $28
Tasted: December 2013


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8 Responses to 2013 Spring Vale Gewürztraminer

  1. Surely the most bankable good regular Gewurztraminer in Australia? Has long pulled away from its rivals (if not in every edition one on one, then at least on a consistency basis), and is roughly the equal of the second label Vinoptima that sells for around double this price.

  2. Absolutely. I know a few people who have Delatite on top but I’d take this most if not every year. I’ve been buying and drinking it with regularity since the 2006 release but I’ve never reviewed it until now. Too busy enjoying it.

  3. Geoff Garratt says:

    Delatite certainly has the runs on the board(unlike our over-rated batters) but Pipers Brook is playing classic wonderful cover-drives with this variety.

  4. Haven’t tried a Pipers Brook (or indeed anything from the Kreglinger stable) for a long time. They seem to have slipped off my radar…to be fair, they don’t send me wines and I haven’t asked. As for the Australian top order – I think the acid test will come next month in South Africa :)

  5. Delatite has thrown up too many Riesling and Gewurz disappointments since 2006-07ish. Definitely has to re-earn a place in the top few. Right now, it isn’t even close, and the past runs mean nothing. Especially when all those runs were scored by a different batter. Its like crediting Shane Watson at #3 solely due to the career runs scored by Ponting in that spot during his prime. A bottle of Delatite Gewurz was used last week at my place to placate visiting casual white drinkers whilst I drank red.

    Piper’s Brook is good. Spring Vale is the only one of late which seems to stand up to Mr Nobilo, or comfortably surpass many decent quality entry level Alsace.

  6. Not a Delatite fan myself.

    Have really rated 2012 Topper’s Mountain, 2013 Cargo Road and 2013 Symphony Hills versions this year but out of those I believe Cargo Road are the only producer with a history or track record when it comes to Gewurz. And of course, none of them are widely available.

  7. Gerald Bonython says:

    Totally agree with the above comments, but I have been impressed with a couple of recent Gewurz releases from Rymill in Coonawarra, albeit with some coarse phenolics. Oh, and the 2013 Skillogalee Gewürztraminer is an absolute belter as well.

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