2013 The Story Henty Riesling

20131120-124638.jpgHenty is one of few regions in mainland Australia that might be able to make a fist of Riesling that isn’t bone dry. And that’s what winemaker Rory Lane is attempting to do here. The higher natural acidity of the area works in its favour.

“Mainly tank ferment, from 30 yr old vines near Portland in the very far south west of the state. There is also a bit from the vineyard above, a couple of barriques  fermented wild blended in for extra texture. Not a water and lemon juice style. Picked a little riper, so it’s got a bit of chutzpah. 7g/l residual sugar. On gross lees for almost 6 months after ferment for more texture and weight.”

This does indeed have some body and that acidity, while still guiding the flavours, is enmeshed on the palate. There is some citrus but green and baked apples are more the order of the day. Not much in the way of florals but I seldom see them in Henty Riesling. A touch of spice and pleasing mouthfeel along with a little phenolic grip. Still a work in progress but enjoyable nonetheless. 90

Region: Henty
Alcohol: 12.0%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $25
Tasted: November 2013


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