2011 Seppelt Jaluka Chardonnay

seppelt jaluka chardonnayFrom the cool environs of Henty in south-western Victoria comes this high quality, linear and driving Chardonnay. It’s on the lean side but it is not underdone. Shows stuffing through the middle, particularly on the second day of tasting.

Smells of wheat germ/oatmeal, slightly sour green apples, lemons and lime and nuts. Tight and focused with an almond savouriness before it bursts through the spicy back-palate with bitter grapefruit. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I reckon the quality is obvious. 93

Region: Henty
Alcohol: 12.5%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $26.99
Tasted: June 2013


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5 Responses to 2011 Seppelt Jaluka Chardonnay

  1. PeterP says:

    Bitter grapefruit …. yuck!! Found 2 of these in the bargain bin at my local 1stChoice for $12.50, don’t normally drink Chardy but at the price thought I might experiment … if your palate is anything like mine I’m glad they only had 2 there.

  2. Well, the sensation isn’t overly bitter but it’s not on the semi-sweet side of the grapefruit spectrum either. I like to refer to it as a pleasant adult bitterness. I’m rather fond of it myself :)

  3. Steve B says:

    I found a 2005 lurking in cellar recently – still drinking beautifully.

  4. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Jaluka Chardonnay. Most years it’s offered value even if the style changes. And I certainly think it usually ages well. This iteration is closer to the style of Chardonnay that I tend to drink a lot of these days – but by no means exclusively. My money would be on time treating it well but there’s a large amount of crystal ball gazing going on when it comes to drinking windows (not to mention personal preferences regarding how much development is desired). I don’t think professional wine writers like to admit that. It’s all about authority. But it’s true nonetheless.

  5. Geoff Garratt says:

    Yes, I agree, Jeremy. Wine tasting is very subjective stuff with personal preferences competing with the technicals.

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