2012 Seppelt Drumborg Riesling

drumborg 001Strange times at Seppelt but the Drumborg Riesling marches on. I received a very generous email from a reader who suggested I check this out. Truth be told, I didn’t need much encouragement but there are - as he pointed out – a paucity of reviews around. So I snaffled a bottle and I’m in the midst of drinking a glass now.

It’s more forward than most young Drumborgs. The result of a slightly warmer and drier year no doubt. The vineyard’s flavours are so familiar though. Granny Smith apples and skins, freshly cut lime, discreet spice, talc and slate. No florals (I thought I’d make that clear). It’s juicy but the mineral-driven, dry chalky length is impossible to ignore. Awesome reach and persistence. Will take age, as it always does, but it’s hard not to just dig in now. You could certainly rate this a point higher…if that matters to you. 94 Excellent

Region: Henty
Alcohol: 12.0%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $30
Tasted: February 2013


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10 Responses to 2012 Seppelt Drumborg Riesling

  1. Geoff Garratt says:

    There is quite a bit of disparity in reviews on the 2011 version. I havn’t had tge opportunity to try the ’11 which came from a cooler and wet growing conditions. Any comments?

  2. I only tasted the 2011 briefly Geoff, alongside the 2005 and in a bracket of around twelve wines last year. My notes mention that there was a little Botrytis in the 2011 but that it was still a very good wine. I don’t have a score but it does have a tick beside it – which more or less means I liked it based on a small, hurried tasting.

  3. Michael Charles says:

    It wasn’t a wine for me – as a follower of Drumborg. Thought it thin, dilute, a bit green and herby from memory, and just couldn’t see where it will go. Tried it twice within 6 months, and over several days in the fridge on both occasions. No luck. Difficult to score, but I can’t find my note, or at least I haven’t typed it up. Around 86-88 or so for me – and that’s being generous. I’ve not tried the 2012 yet for some reason, but I don’t think there’s ever been a fine Drumborg than the stunning 2009.


  4. Geoff Garratt says:

    Yes, indeed he did!
    Talking to Seppelts cellar door, they were NOT taken with the 2011 either! Thanks for your input Michael. Personally, the seasonal conditions for the 2011 were never going to be conducive to a typical Drumborg.

  5. Interesting. I’d certainly defer to Michael over my ‘tick’. I don’t trust 2 minute tastings and am not in the practice of publishing reviews if that’s how I’ve encountered a wine. The Drumborg Riesling has a notoriously difficult reputation when it comes to its ability to be judged as a young wine. 96 points from JO is an emphatic statement though. Especially for a technocratic wine reviewer. I had no idea, I don’t really read him.

    • Geoff Garratt says:

      JO is one of the very few I find credible

      • I think there are a number of credible Australian wine reviewers. Huon Hooke, Campbell Mattinson, Gary Walsh, Andrew Graham, Nick Stock, Ken Gargett, Mike Bennie et al. I don’t find myself in agreement with JO often. And having had the opportunity to taste with him, I’m not surprised. His opinions about wine seem to differ significantly from mine. But each to their own of course. Read who you find helpful.

        • Michael Charles says:

          I’ve found JO often useful/helpful in the past, though his scoring sometimes seems to reflect a “I really love it” or “I don’t like it much” attitude. When he goes for something, he goes hard. He doesn’t give too many “false positives”, but I think the Drumborg 2011 might be one of them. Let’s just say that I throw him into the mix.

          I think it telling that Seppelt itself doesn’t think much of the 2011!

          • I can’t take much from the “Seppelt” response without more information. Who are “Seppelt” precisely? The staff at the cellar door have always been well trained in the company spiel when I’ve visited but haven’t seemed very knowledgeable outside of that. It’s a big organisation. And one that seems to be having its fair share of identity issues. “Seppelt” could be a disgruntled employee for all I know. I’d need more detail before coming to any conclusions. Mark me down as cautious.

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