Pucino Prosecco NV

I quite like Prosecco. I don’t really look to it for complexity or showmanship. Mostly I drink it when I want a quaffing sparkling or one that pairs with a wider range of foods than most Pinot Noir Chardonnay (et al) bubbles. I know it can get more serious than that but generally I’ll opt for the French style if I’m in that sort of mood. Perhaps I’ll be convinced of the virtues of more expensive Prosecco down the track.

Anyway, this fits my purposes perfectly. The Brown Brothers version is fine but I prefer this and wish it was more widely available at retail level. The bead is quite furious – no messing about with elegance here, we’re after fun. It’s not too foamy in the mouth though. It smells strongly of baked apples and pears. There’s hints of bread and stonefruit, perhaps even some mashed banana. Possesses a firm backbone and a crisp finish. As an aside, I love the shape of the King Valley proprietary bottle too (remember, it’s about fun, so why not enjoy the entire aesthetic experience). Big ticks for the crown seal. You don’t want to open a bottle of something like this and find its corked. Its happened to me before and it spoils the mood. Moreish and certainly a wine that has a place at my table. Good

Region: King Valley
Alcohol: 10.5%
Closure: Crown Seal
Price: $18.50
Tasted: May 2012


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