2010 Thomas Wines Kiss Shiraz

I guess you’d call this the Thomas Wines’ flagship Shiraz – but after tasting all four of the 2010 releases I think the difference lies more in the realm of style rather than quality. If you’re looking at wines for the cellar I’d be inclined towards this or the Sweetwater myself. Not that the Motel Block won’t do a stint well and the DJV did improve over three days of tasting, so maybe just cellar what you want and drink what you want. That’s probably how it should be anyway…

Red and black cherry high tones with a bit of a liqueur edge on the nose. Boysenberry, cinnamon and nutmeg begin to fill things out from there. It’s all tinged with hay, aniseed and dried flowers. The palate displays toasty oak with french vanilla and mocha notes. It’s around the medium bodied mark. I suspect it lacks the intensity of the 2009 but I prefer the way the fruit and oak mesh. Excellent

Region: Hunter Valley
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $60
Tasted: April 2012


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3 Responses to 2010 Thomas Wines Kiss Shiraz

  1. Michael Charles says:

    Believe it or not, but I preferred this the least of the four wines, though similar to the DJV points-wise. Your note captures most of what I scribbled down, I think. In order of interest for me, Sweetwater (94-95), Motel Block (94+), DJV (93), Kiss (92+). There was just a bit of intensity of ‘X’ factor or something missing with the Kiss – for the moment. In a blind line-up, I’m guessing I would have picked the Motel Block as the ‘flagship’. In any case, I’ve 2 of each now cellared, but would like another 1 or 2 of the Sweetwater and 1 of the Motel Block to cellar.

    To be honest, both the 2009 and 2010 Kiss were not exactly as interesting to me as I’d expect, after the bigger, ballsier 2007 – my first Kiss (ha, ha). Sweetwater just keeps on being my favourite Thomas Shiraz, while I’m starting to love the Motel Block too.


  2. Michael – I couldn’t really split the other three in quality terms. It’s possible the DJV deserved a slightly higher rating or that the others derserved slighlty lower ratings. Anyway, they are all very good wines.

    I’m with you on the Kiss. I had a few “issues” with it and the oak last year and my “issues” were different this year. If I had to pick a bottle to drink or cellar for free, the Kiss would be my last choice.

    Glad you enjoyed the Motel Block. (You) Could certainly pick it as the flagship blind and it will definitely cellar. The 09 was probably even better. Hard to tell when tasted a year apart – at least for me.


  3. Michael Charles says:

    Yes, agree that the other three are difficult to split. I really enjoyed the DJV, and I might have under-rated it slightly. I was getting a bit afraid of getting all carried away with these Thomas Wines! So, I was kind of glad of the Kiss corrective. Again, agree, it would be the wine I’d least want to take to dinner at the moment. The Sweetwater and DJV would be my first options. The Motel Block is quite stunning, but needs time.


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