2009 Jean-Marc Burgaud Les Charmes

France, Beaujolais 13% Cork $29.95
Stepping things up, the Les Charmes vineyard is 75 years of age and this wine is an altogether more serious expression of the Gamay grape. There’s some real depth here; greater emphasis on meat, earth, minerals and dark fruit with florals taking a back seat.
Quite a pool of flavour for such a light bodied wine. Some sweet red fruits assert themselves shortly after entry and play foil to the more sombre elements present. A curious splash of crushed apple and yellow pear works its way into the palate, lingering on the finish. It’s quite juicy but ultra fine, stemmy tannins dry things up and pucker the mouth slightly.

Without any oak influence, the fruit is free to do the talking. A captivating little number which kept improving as the bottle drained.

Importer- http://www.eurocentricwine.com.au/

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4 Responses to 2009 Jean-Marc Burgaud Les Charmes

  1. David says:

    Nice review Jeremy. This is a ripper little Beaujolais indeed – as you said, there's a depth to it that i wasn't expecting.

  2. Jeremy Pringle says:

    Cheers David. I'm very happy to have acquired three more bottles of this and will be very interested to see how it develops over the next 3-5 years.

  3. Josh Tuckfield says:

    i had this the other night and it rocked. well done of grabbing a couple.

  4. Jeremy Pringle says:

    Great to hear Josh. I cannot claim much expertise when it comes to Beaujolais but this stood out for its sheer quality as a wine. Very good price too.


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