2010 Jamsheed Harem Series Le Blanc Plonk

King Valley, Grampians, Yarra Valley 12% Screwcap $18

Quiet a few changes to this year’s La Blanc Plonk multi-regional white blend. Gone is the Savagnin and Viognier (dear me?!). The cépage of the 2010 is 40% Gewürtztraminer from the King Valley, 40% Riesling from the Grampians, and 15% Chardonnay along with 15% Sauvignon Blanc from the Yarra Valley. Given the different regions in play I guess we can rule out calling this a field blend but it’s still great to see textural white wine blends being made this well.

‘barrel fermented…indigenous yeast ferment, left sur lees for 6 months and bottled unfined and lightly filtered. Some skin contact experiments on Chardonnay and Riesling.’

Who needs eggs and music to make exciting wines? ;) Aromas of lime, pineapple (which mostly blows off with time), lychees, stone fruit kernels, roses, brown pear and green apple. The sweetness of the nose isn’t overly apparent on the palate, which harnesses tart fruit and sour citrus flavours as the wine works its way through its line. Plenty of textural nuance with the softness of barrel work, Chardonnay and lees matched well with the linearity and acidity of the Riesling. A good amount of Gewürtz derived spice on the finish too. Excellent persistence.

Once again, my favourite wine of the Harem Series shines brightly; even without the Viognier. Fascinating and tasty. Loved it.

Winery website- www.jamsheed.com.au/

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2 Responses to 2010 Jamsheed Harem Series Le Blanc Plonk

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes. Much nasal complexity there. Fair bit of Ginger and musk too I remember. Lots of interest. Bit hard and flat in mouth but overall like it too.

  2. Jeremy Pringle says:

    I think I did get a bit of Ginger but was uncertain if it was from this wine or the numerous bottles of Viognier that I always have open on my tasting bench :)

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