2010 Windowrie The Mill Verdelho

Central Ranges 15.0% Screwcap $16.99 Source: Sample

I’m pretty sure this is the first Verdelho I’ve ever been sent. It’s certainly the first Verdelho I’ve tasted that has come in at 15% and that really does seem to be the main issue here. Word is Windowrie have a very good track record with the variety, but alcohol obscures things in this vintage.

Surprisingly, there are decent fresh fruit aromas apparent. Pineapple, green pear, honeydew melon and guava all join some citrus. There is prickly heat on the nose though and it doesn’t get any better on the palate. Some viscosity adds texture but seems to play a part in making the fruit flavours seem mostly canned and a touch syrupy. Acid tries to clean it up but it can’t quite get the trick done.

The warm, spicy finish is promising before it pulls up short and hot. I could easily mistake this for a Gewürztraminer that is missing the florals. To be fair, I pulled out a spicy noodle dish and that improved the wine but it’s hard to avoid the feeling that something went wrong during picking…which is a shame because you do get glimpses of a worthwhile Verdelho here.

Winery website- http://www.windowrie.com.au/

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