2009 Kingston Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Limestone Coast, Mt Lofty Ranges 14.5% Screwcap $13.99 Source: Sample

What place will multi-regional blends hold in Australia’s wine future? I’ve a lot in common with those who believe that the country’s vinous landscape needs to be increasingly shaped by regional, sub-regional and site specific wines but I’m not convinced by Max Allen’s recent statement that blending from different regions is a 20th century approach (ironically in a section of his new book which quotes Serge Carlei favourably…). Odds are that the majority of people who buy this wine won’t care about the debate so I’ll save my thoughts for another time.

What you have here is a wine that is exceptional value, quite serious in intent and more than just a good quaffer. It tastes, to me, more Limestone Coast than Mt Lofty. Blackcurrants, violets strewn amongst dead leaves, and tobacco on the nose. Sweet raspberry & chocolate oak (100% French) lie underneath along with both dusty and damp red earth. Highly aromatic and reasonably complex nose for the price, if a little sweet.

The palate doesn’t reflect that sweetness but it does fulfill the promise of the bouquet. Superbly balanced with strong Cabernet tannin and a little spearmint. It’s lithe, buffed and detailed, finishing dry and with pretty good length. Integrated nicely over three days tasting with an impressive structure holding things together well. Should improve over the next two years and hold for five. That’s an impressive package for $13.99.

Winery website- http://www.kingstonestatewines.com/

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3 Responses to 2009 Kingston Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. Edward says:


    I don't think multiregional blends have completely run their race, and there is something pleasing about known qualities and consistancy and predictability.

    There is something fickle and unpredicatble about a single site from vintage to vintage. Which is of course a wonderful and curious thing for a much smaller number of fanatics.

  2. Jeremy Pringle says:

    I believe there is still room for some of the multiregionals Edward, so I hope you are right. It's probably not so much the consistent ones that interest me personally (although I am not "anti" them). More so what Carlei does with his Signature series; an intelligent blending of 2-3 regions that shows synergy & is an exciting exploration of place(s) in its own way.

    I certainly consider myself as one who belongs to the smaller number of fanatics who gain that curious sense of pleasure from the ups, downs & more specific expression of single sites which capture my attention.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a porn-star in a bottle! Lithe, buffed …and with pretty good length. Thanks for that Jeremy

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