2008 Madeleines Nangkita Primitivo

Southern Fleurieu 15.0% Screwcap $22 Source: Sample

Cards on the table time. Primitivo/Zinfandel is not a grape with which I have much experience. I’ve tried about three Australian examples and a couple of American ones. So far I’m neither completely taken with the grape nor averse to it.

This expression from Madeleines suits me quite well. It’s rich but amply structured, showing its best on the second day of tasting. Dense and muscular, although it did soften a bit with time. It’s all spirit soaked raisins, chocolate covered dates, plum pudding, candied orange and redcurrants with just a little earthiness and tar underneath. There’s a dusting of coffee too.

Tannins are ripe, linear and totally appropriate. Warming, smooth, sumptuous and a little extravagant whilst still maintaining good shape in the mouth. It’s easily of a high enough quality to pique my interest in the grape.

Winery website- http://www.vincognita.com.au/

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