1983 Stanton & Killeen Vintage Port

Rutherglen 19% Cork $? Source: Cellar

Last of the birthday celebration wines, back to (slightly more) normal notes after this. The cork seal was perfect, the wine was a joy and I ate as much of the sediment as I could…delicious grapey, chocolatey goodness.

In fact I’ve lost my note, but I’ll write a couple of things because the wine was bloody special. I don’t know how much it cost but the website has a 1988 avaliable for purchase at $60. Ridiculous really and all the more reason for those who haven’t yet explored the delights of Rutherglen VP to treat themselves.

The fortifying spirit in this ’83 had pretty much fully integrated, making it dangerously easy to drink a glass or two too many. So smooth but with a slight silty drinking chocolate texture. A genuine pleasure just to hold in your mouth. Once it slides down, it’s not so much about complexity as it is about the balance of flavours and how each bleeds into the next. Currants, raisins, caramel, plums, chocolate, spice and orange peel all mingle. You can’t pick them out separately, you just get the impression that they are all present in some way. There is a sweetness about the whole experience but it still finishes remarkably dry and long.

A wonderful drink and one that was perfect for the occassion of a 40th birthday too. I’ll include a slightly out of focus image which mirrors my note.

Winery Website- http://www.stantonandkilleenwines.com.au/

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