2005 Castagna Genesis Syrah

Beechworth 14.0% Diam $76.50 Source: Retail

I wasn’t going to publish a note on this, I had meant to share it and enjoy it without attaching it to any idea of work.  But a few things have led me to pop a quick description & opinion up.  You can find a more complete review by Julian Coldrey at Full Pour.  For what it’s worth, we were pretty close in our impressions of it on the night.

Anyway, when I picked my bottle up at Cru I had a brief discussion about the apparent dimishing demand for these “higher priced” Australian wines (Giaconda was also mentioned) given the growing number of out-standing wines that can be purchased for much less (Hoddles Creek, Blue Poles etc).  I pointed out that I just like Castagna’s work and am generally happy to pay what I pay to experience it.  It’s up my stylistic alley.

On twitter, someone who knows a lot more about Beechworth than me questioned the value of the wine, considering it over extracted, viscous and over-hyped.  As he would be well aware, that’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull when it comes to me.  So I’ll post a note in praise of the wine whilst fully admitting that it is quite possible that with more experience I could enjoy other Beechworth offerings more.

Blackberry, sour cherries and briary notes fruit wise, but it’s not a wine that can be summed up with fruit descriptors.  It’s savoury, with meat jus and a gravelly finish.  Graphite and spice too.  Extremely long finish and a wine that I enjoyed just swirling and sniffing and sipping for as long as I could.  A difficult wine to pin down; something I often appreciate.

Is it worth $75-80?  Well, I know people who go clubbing, or eat out or bungee jump and spend just as much on those or other experiences.  I wouldn’t find them any more valuable.  In fact, I have no desire to bungee jump at all.  So all I can say is it was worth it to me.

Winery Website- http://www.castagna.com.au/

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5 Responses to 2005 Castagna Genesis Syrah

  1. stu says:

    Hi Jeremy

    Trust you're well? From an observational persepctive you certainly seem to be sampling so!

    I've been a little tardy on catching up on my google reader subscriptions; that said it does afford a wider perspective on what good scribes like yourself are currently enjoying.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to acquanting myself with the few Castagna's I have tucked away and also revisiting some HC PN – I think Cru has a few left.

    Best regards


  2. Mike Bennie says:

    Onya! Definite agreement on wine not being able to be pinned down on fruit descriptors, well put there. I reckon its always best to veer away from subjective fruit and look to texture and structure or bleeding obvious balance characters of a wine anyway. For me, not as complex or interesting, for you a wine worthy of heralding – great to see differing opinions. I like Castagna's wines in fits and starts, variation is a theme for me, madness and brilliance in varied measures.
    Regardless, balance in media is always appreciated, good to see this post!
    Love ya work
    Mike Bennie – @Mikerism101

  3. Jeremy Pringle says:

    Stuart- one of the many things I can't complain about in my life is what I get to drink :)

    Thanks for the kind words & I'd be interested in what you think of the Castagnas when you get around to opening some.

    Mr Bennie- As you'd know, I enjoy difference & variation too. And I'm certainly of less value when I'm not at least a little fiesty. I will get to Sorrenberg as soon as I can. Thanks for the tip mate!

  4. stu says:

    Jeremy, I've opened one of the Genesis to date. It was a NYE tipple shared with some family visiting. Exquisite quality. My over-riding memory is of a violet like hue and that berry like sense you refer to.

    I too found it to be one of those immensely pleasurable wines that captivates and enchants you, leaving you happy to swirl and observe in the glass and ponder its magnificence.

  5. Jeremy Pringle says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Stu. Lot's of life left in it yet. Wish I had a stash myself. Once the oak has fully integrated it should be be even more magnificent :)

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