2008 Dutschke Ivy Blondina Moscato

Barossa 8.0% Screwcap $20 Source- Sample

I heard Wayne Dutschke likes his wines sweet. So I wasn’t really looking forward to trying this one. Blow me down, I sank half a bottle (“of the ragpicker’s dream”).

Lots of spritz visible and I’m sure it was doing its part to tame the fruit salad sweetness. But more important, I think, was the Bick’s Lime cordial and lemon/lime citrus which which the wine was cut. I’m not going to do a huge list of descriptors here. It’s Moscato, it’s still fresh and lively at almost two years in the bottle and the sweetness is balanced with other flavours and well judged acidity. Oh, there are some Granny Smith apples in there too.

I had it with a spicy Thai noodle dish and enjoyed it a lot. I can’t say that about many Moscatos I’ve tried.

Winery Website- http://www.dutschkewines.com/

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