2007 Smallfry Grenache Shiraz Mataro

Barossa 15% Screwcap $28 Source- Retail

Ok, a raft of tasting notes whilst I keep working on a piece dealing with Wine & Genre which should see publication sometime early in 2010. Also, I’m now adding a new bit of info at the top of each note: Source. Why? Full disclosure I guess. Mind you, I’m entirely unconvinced that “full disclosure” can ever be achieved. But if you want to compare my notes on wines that I have purchased to wines that have been sent as samples it will now be easier to do so. Please remember that I don’t write notes on all samples or on all retail purchases. It’s a lot more complex than it seems or is often portrayed. But enough of “ethics”. I covered that whilst at University & have little wish to revisit it just before Xmas.

To the wine! Let’s get the question of alcohol out of the way. It’s there. The thrust of it is warm and you can feel it on the finish. But it doesn’t lead to a porty or brandied flavour. Which is pretty much where I draw the line. Instead it seems to meld with the lovely spice present in the wine and as such, I have no issue with it. Also, the fruit tastes fresh and vibrant. Its flavours aren’t stripped in any way.

So what are these flavours and their flow? Black jubey fruits, raspberries (some fresh, others more lolly like), pitch, earth, beernuts and cherries. The sweeter red fruit is on entry, the spice follows shortly after and the pitch plays a nice foil to the whole profile. It’s cohesive & juicy, bright but quite slinky. The tannins are well judged and there is ample length. Some blue notes and coffee come along for the ride as well.

A really good Barossan GSM as far as I’m concerned. But if a little warmth in your reds puts you off then there are plenty of other Rhone blends out there to choose from.

Winery Website- https://www.smallfrywines.com.au/

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