2008 Flaxman Shiraz VP

Barossa 17.5% Screwcap $20

I see renowned taster and “Young Gun” Andrew Graham has beat me to the punch in reviewing this over at The Australian Wine Review- http://url2it.com/bkel

I have to admit, I’m kind of glad as I can’t claim to have any vast experience when it comes to tasting younger Vintage Ports. I asked Julian Coldrey from Full Pour how I should approach it earlier in the week and he suggested tackling it with dinner and treating it as a table wine. It seems AG agrees and indeed it performed very well in that manner.

Liquored blackberries, blueberries and cherries on the nose. And the spirit like characters were far more apparent aromatically than on the palate, where the alcohol in no way dominated or stripped the flavours. And those flavours were remarkably fresh although joined by some tasty raisins, toffee and the faintest suggestion of a pleasant lacquer like component.

Wine maker Colin Sheppard is keen to continue Australia’s great history of Fortified wines, and a Vintage port like this can only help people remember what a great style of wine it is. A real pleasure. Only 60 dozen made.

Winery Website- http://flaxmanwines.com.au/

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2 Responses to 2008 Flaxman Shiraz VP

  1. Andrew Graham says:

    That's me, Mr Renowned :)

    Seriously though, this is one rather easy VP to like. If more of them could manage this sort of balance, the style might well make a comeback.

  2. Jeremy Pringle says:

    And as Mr Young Gun also, getting even more renowneder :)

    I was quite taken aback by just how "drinkable" this was at its age. As you say, totally in balance. I did get to share some with my neighbours (not fortified drinkers) and they really enjoyed it too.

    It was clear it was a very good wine, but I lacked comparitive examples to "rate" it against, so I was seriously thankful and pleased to see that my thoughts on its quality matched up ok with what you had written. Thanks AG.

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